BG95-M3 can't enter PSM mode


I am working on BG95-M3 currently and trying to test the PSM mode of the module. It is able to register to network and send messages but I have problems to put it into PSM mode.

Here I attach the commands:



+COPS: 1,0,“Orange F BICS”,8


+CEREG: 2,5,“9861”,“1437206”,8




+CEREG: 5,“9861”,“1437206”,8,“00001111”,“00000100”

+QCFG: “psm/enter”,0


+QPSMS: 0,

Whatever I tried, I always get relpy of “0,” from the QPSMS command. I checked the website of the network operator “Orange F”, it indicates that they support PSM mode and eDRX for LTE-M network. I am confused, i don’t know that’s the origin cause of this problem.
Thanks a lot if anyone can help !

it indicate that you module working in roamming network ,

we need collect QXDM log to analyze ,the if your network support PSM

pls send email to

There are two possible reasons:
1) Firmware too old
Up to FW BG95M2LAR02A04_01.003.003 the firmware of the BG95 does not support PSM. The akorIoT group has carried out series of measurements on energy consumption with the Quectel BG95-M2, BC66 and BC68. The study on this with the measurement setup, the PCB layouts including the PCB (Gerber files, BOM, circuit diagram) will be disclosed in week 6 2021. During the measurement series it was noticed. In the meantime, the PSM problem in BG95 has been solved.

2) Roaming
See 3GPP website for roaming no PSM and eRDX.
NB-IoT Deployment Guide
Roaming with PSM and eRDX works within the own group (e.g. Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone). If a BG95 with NB-IoT or LTE-M travels from Germany to Austria, for example, PSM and eRDX will work. If it travels to France, it may not work with Orange because Orange is not part of the DTAG or VF group. To use PSM with Orange, you need SIM cards with different profiles or exchange profiles remotely. One of my partners can provide multi-profiles for LTE, UMTS and GSM and also exchange profiles remotely. LTE-M is in the works. If multi-profiles or remote profile exchange is implemented, PSM can be used at Orange or in any network where the MNVO has signed a contract. Such a multi-profile SIM card is recognised by Orange as an Orange card and therefore PSM can be used.

Otherwise, I recommend attending the webinar “NB-IoT versus LTE-M” in week 6 2021:
The webinar will be repeated in about 2 months and after that, there will be supplementary seminars.
harald.naumann (at)

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Hello Harald,
Thank you very much for your detailed explanation.

After I tried to updated the lateset firmware (BG95M3LAR02A02 --> BG95M3LAR02A03_01.009.01.009), I can finally get the AT+QPSMS reply from network but still have difficulity to get +QPSMTIMER.

For the network opreator aspect, I checked with the SIM card provider BICS, their technical support said that it support PSM mode under “Orange F” roaming LTE-M network and they’ve already did some tests. Thank you very much for your recommendations.

Therefore I still have problem on the module parameter settting.

AT+QCFG=“servicedomain”,1 //// register to PS only

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Does anyone know where I can get this updated BG95M2 firmware?

Hello jkaufmann,

I found the firmware on this post:

You can find the link to download it in the post replies.


@Harald_Naumann Can you send a link for that white paper or article you referenced? I searched on the website and couldn’t find

Dear Mr. Kaufmann, you get it here