BG95-M3 can't enter PSM after manually trigerring

I am working on BG95-M3 module and trying to use PSM mode.
First enter into this mode, after turning on, seems to work properly - the measured current is 3-4 uA. The problem occurs when the module is triggered from PSM mode by PWRKEY or PON_TRIG. After that, the device can’t enter PSM mode, the measured current is 12-25 mA.
The solution for that problem is to send command AT+QPSMS=0, and again initialize by command AT+QPSMS=1,“00000100”,“00000001”. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of energy, which I try to minimise. Is it a bug in firmware? How can I resolve this problem?
I have the latest software, BG95M3LAR02A04_01.003.01.003.

Hi Kamil,

This is a normal happens, because PWRKEY or PON_TRIG to wake up from PSM, actuaklly the RRC is in a unknown satus at this moment , neigther Connect nor Release, so the T3412 timer canot be tiggered.
We suggest to do a qping after waked up to sync T3412 timer with NW.

Linkin WANG