BG95 M3 Cannot set the APN protocol to IPV&


I have tried to change the APN protocol to IPV6 it is a customer requirement, and I can not to set that configuration in the BG95 M3, do know if the module only supports IPv6 only as APN protocol ?, tha AT commads guide say yes. I hope you can help me,


Thank you

you can use at+cgdcont=1,“IPV6”,“”,"",0,0,0 to try.

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Hi @Isaac.Wang-Q

It worked, thank you so much…





[2021-11-03_11:37:47:646]+CGDCONT: 1,“IP”,“”,“”,0,0,0


[2021-11-03_11:38:11:983]+CGCONTRDP: 1,5,“”,,,



[2021-11-03_11:40:47:567]+CGDCONT: 1,“IP”,“”,“”,0,0,0
[2021-11-03_11:40:47:567]+CGDCONT: 2,“IPV6”,“”,“”,0,0,0


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