BG95-M3 AT+QICLOSE response/timeout issue

I am observing that closing a TCP connection with AT+QICLOSE=0 that it always takes the default timeout of 10 seconds before receiving OK response. Now if a timeout is specified AT+QICLOSE=0,15 it takes the given timeout time receive the OK response. Is this expected behaviour?

Note that specifying a timeout of 0 AT+QICLOSE,0,0 seems to allow the BG95 to produce a response immediately.

[2021-03-12 14:54:26:353_R:] Quectel
[2021-03-12 14:54:26:353_R:] BG95-M3
[2021-03-12 14:54:26:353_R:] Revision: BG95M3LAR02A03


Yes , the default value is 10 seconds . it is expected

Is it expected that it will always take 10 seconds to get a response? I don’t see that closing a TCP connection ever provides a response < 10 seconds. I’d expect 10 seconds worst case if there was an issue sending/receiving the fin/ack TCP packets.

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Hi @swiftlabs, I agree. We are observing the same behavior.
Have you learned anything new about this?

I worked around this by explicitly setting the timeout to 0.

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