BG95-M3 AT+COPS and LTE networks


I am testing the BG95-M3 with its corresponding evaluation board.

I live in Spain and I am using a Vodafone SIM card. I am able to connect to the GSM network with the default settings just by specifying the APN, user and password. Also I can connect to my server and send/receive data without problems.

My issue is that I am not able to connect to the LTE network. According to the default priority settings, the modem should connect to the LTE network if available but the problem is that it’s not even detecting that network. I get the following list by scanning the current networks:

+COPS: (1,“214 03”,“214 03”,“21403”,8),(1,“214 07”,“214 07”,“21407”,0),(1,“214 01”,“214 01”,“21401”,0),(1,“214 03”,“214 03”,“21403”,0),(0,1,2,3,4),(0,1,2)

As you can check, the only LTE network the modem can see is the one from “Orange” (214-03) but it can only see GSM networks for “Vodafone” (214-01) and “Movistar” (214-07).


I have 2 iPhones with “Movistar” and “Vodafone” SIM cards, both connected through 4G so I am sure these networks are available. Why these ones are not detected by the modem?

Thank you for your help.

Hi herna

normaly , iphone use LTE cat4 ror cat6 ,but module support LTE catm and LTE_NB, so you need check network and SIM provision still

pls send the below AT to check the network status , and refer the attached doc to lock band try again




reboot module, then try these command again:








Hi Stephen,

Yes I was wrong, as you said BG95-M3 works with CATM and NB-IoT networks, not CAT4 and CAT6.

From my original post, the “Orange” network detected by BG95 was an eMTC network and I was able to connect to it. The rest of the mobile operators don’t support these type of networks in my area.

I have also a EG25-G module compatible with CAT4 and CAT6 networks and with this one I was able to connect to the networks of all different mobile operators.

Thank you.