Bg95-m3 at+clip


I’ve written quecopen application for BG95-M3 and I wanted to receive incoming call number.
I have added AT commands parser inside my application and I am looking for “RING” information, which works.

The problem is how to receive incoming call number, when I try to configure the modem using AT+CLIP=1 command I get error. Same thing happens when using AT+CLCC during call. Also test commands returns errors (AT+CLIP? and AT+CLCC?).
I tried this also from main uart but I get same result

What am I doing wrong? My firmware is BG95M3LAR02A02_BETA0309A_01.004.01.004_BETA0309A

Hello Aledej,

Those voice related commands hasn’t been implemented in BG95 yet. You want to voice funtion in BG95? Currently voice function in BG95 is still under development.

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Hi @WillieYao-Q, thanks for answering

In my application I just need to receive information that someone is calling(this works), get his/her number(doesn’t work) and reject the call(I think this one also works). I don’t need any more functions. Depending on the caller ID(phone number) I perform specific action.

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Hi Sir,

Understood. Now problem is current firmware doesn’t support AT+CLCC command. You would need to contact local support team to submitt your request.

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Hi @WillieYao-Q,

I encountered the same problem as mentioned above, using firmware BG95M3LAR02A03_01.011.01.011.
We would like to see the mobile number that is calling the BG95-M3 module, to be able to return an SMS to that incoming calling number.

Is there new firmware available that does support the AT+CLIP command ?


I am running into the same issue here as well. Is there any new firmware available that supports that AT+CLIP command?