BG95-M2 tcp keep-alive network problems


we currently have the following problem:
BG95-M2 modem establishes a TCP connection to the server via LTE Cat-M1.
We have set AT + QICFG = “tcp / keepalive”, 1,3,30,3 and AT + QSCLK = 1.

The modem always sends tcp keepalive packets but is not always pingable.
I have the assumption that it has to do with sleep mode.
Sometimes no data can be sent from the server to the modem.

Has anyone made similar observations or can I help me?

Many Thanks


if you send AT+QSCLK=1 to enter sleepmode ,

it means that,Some peripherals, especially serial port, are turned off. You need to pull DTR to high to exit sleep mode , control gpio by you MCU