BG95-M1 using GPS and MQTT API - MQTT connection issue

I am using the GPS and MQTT API on BG95-M1 using the QuecOpen SDK. I am aware that GPS and MQTT cannot work simultaneously so I am using a timer to switch between GPS & MQTT. When I run the program the MQTT connects successfully followed by GPS after the timer expires. However, after getting the GPS when I switch back to MQTT I am unable to connect to the MQTT anymore.

  • What could be the cause for this?
  • How do I ensure that after GPS the MQTT connects successfully every time?

yes, since Bg95 share RF channel between GpS and LTE ( cell) , so gps and mqtt can not work simultaneously

for the detail , pls kindly open the below doc:

I was not aware of this issue.

I have the BG96 on the Mini PCIE module.
Does the same issue apply to the BG96 e.g. does the BG96 share the RF channel between the GPS and the LTE?
Thanks Neil.