BG95-M1 Difference between UFS and EUFS


Could you please explain the difference between UFS and EUFS? What are pros and cons between this two storage mediums?


there are two cpu core in bG95 and BG96

EUFS is the fils system of AP core

UFS is the file system of modem core .

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If we used AT+QHTTPPOSTFILE to send request, is there any speed difference between UFS and EUFS?


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What is “AP” core? AP means what?

Hi @ianr I think AP in this case refers to application. I’m referencing BG96_FILE_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.1

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I have looked through hardware documentation on the BG96 module, but it is not clear to me yet the purposes of having both cores, one for the modem and one for the application, and therefore also the purpose of having different file systems. Per Alice’s original question, can you share a bit more about why a developer would want to use the UFS over the EUFS or vice versa? Thanks.

kernel file system is “private”, used from DSP ( modem ) core
other file system is for applications ( for user app too )