BG95 LwM2M Verizon FOTA

I’m having issues configuring the LwM2M client to work with the Nokia Motive Bridge to complete the final FOTA test required by Verizon.

I have been following the document BG95&BG77&BG600L Series LwM2M Application Note, Version 1.0 Date: 2021-01-06. My module is a BG95-M5.

I’m trying to use the section 4.2, configure LwM2M Client with AT Command and the instructions below that I copied from the Nokia MotiveBridge procedure. Any help would be appreciated. This is my last test.

I cannot get the device to register using at+qlwcfg=“reg”.

The at+qlwcfg=“security” was successful, at least it returned okay.

From Nokia MotiveBridge:
Important note before you perform the Bootstrap process:

  1. Make sure the DUT is pointing to Server ID 100 node and configure the DUT to the following Bootstrap server address: coaps://
  2. PSK Identity = urn:imei-msisdn:[YOUR IMEI]-[YOUR MSISDN] ex) urn:imei-msisdn:123456789012345-8234567890 in all lower case
  3. PskKey = SHA2( = aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (I masked out the key)
  4. Make sure you bootstrap the DUT before you perform the Create Device Bootstrap process on Motive Bridge
  5. For SIM swap, make sure to Delete the previous IMEI-MSISDN combination before trying to add the new IMEI-MSISDN combination
  6. Fill up form shown below after you triggered the Bootstrap process on your device
  7. Click on the SUBMIT button
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I’m a little further now but still with issues. Here’s the AT Command log file. I masked the key with “a”
s again. I’m not sure how to fix the "[2021-12-21 14:17:48:139_R:] +QLWURC: “event”,111,10,“BS_FAILED”

[2021-12-21 14:17:00:790_R:] at+qlwcfg=“security”,0,100,“coaps://”,1,0,“urn:imei-msisdn:866833041917243-5224543012”,“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”
[2021-12-21 14:17:00:790_R:] OK
[2021-12-21 14:17:10:757_S:] at+qlwcfg=“security”
[2021-12-21 14:17:10:835_R:] at+qlwcfg=“security”
[2021-12-21 14:17:10:835_R:] +QLWCFG: “security”,0,100,“coaps://”,1,0

[2021-12-21 14:17:10:835_R:] OK

[2021-12-21 14:17:20:873_S:] AT+QLWCFG=“server”,0,60,0,50,60,1,“UQS”
[2021-12-21 14:17:20:951_R:] AT+QLWCFG=“server”,0,60,0,50,60,1,“UQS”
[2021-12-21 14:17:20:951_R:] OK
[2021-12-21 14:17:29:659_S:] AT+QLWCFG=“server”
[2021-12-21 14:17:29:753_R:] AT+QLWCFG=“server”
[2021-12-21 14:17:29:753_R:] +QLWCFG: “server”,0,60,0,50,60,1,“UQS”

[2021-12-21 14:17:29:753_R:] OK
[2021-12-21 14:17:37:813_S:] AT+QLWSVC=“reg”
[2021-12-21 14:17:37:895_R:] AT+QLWSVC=“reg”
[2021-12-21 14:17:37:895_R:] OK

[2021-12-21 14:17:37:895_R:] +QLWREG: 0

[2021-12-21 14:17:48:139_R:] +QLWURC: “event”,111,6,“BS_START”

[2021-12-21 14:17:48:139_R:] +QLWURC: “event”,111,10,“BS_FAILED”

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I have the same problem, but using another lwm2m server. @tbrownpomcom , Did you solve your problem?