Bg95 is not sending mqtt messages, but is receiving them

My bg95-m2 is not sending mqtt messages, im getting only
I (13637) uart_events:

“rtc”: true,
“gps”: true,
“sd”: true,
“sniffing”: false,
“ram”: 283752,
“pps”: 0,
“pt”: 0,
“pp”: 100,
“ptd”: 0,
“ptctrl”: 0,
“ptmngmt”: 0,
“ptmsc”: 0,
“ptunkn”: 0
I (13957) uart_events:

I´m using esp-idf, with this code
void send_special(char *cadena) {
if (xSemaphoreTake(bg95_semaphore, portMAX_DELAY) == pdTRUE) {
printf(“%s\n”, cadena);
char ctrl_z = 0x1A;
//printf(“\nJson enviado: %s”, cadena);
uart_write_bytes(EX_UART_NUM, cadena, strlen(cadena)); // Envía la cadena de datos
uart_write_bytes(EX_UART_NUM, &ctrl_z, 1); // Envía el carácter especial Ctrl+Z
I should receive the conformation of the message sent, but no.
my module is only receiving my messages and answering “ok”
I don´t know if the module is saving them, but if keep sending messages to the module, after a few time the module response is “ERROR”
The funny stuff, is that using QCOM, works perfectly, but not when i´m usin an external microcontroller
I´m getting crazy now, could some one help me?

Question is unclear, can you please elaborate a little bit more?