BG95 Intermittent POST Request Sucess

While using a BG95 to make POST requests, I’ve noticed a pattern of intermittency that centers around the sending of the combined header / JSON string:

  1. AT+QHTTPPOST sends successfully
  2. BG95 responds with ‘CONNECT’ response
  3. The POST Header / Body is sent
  4. Sometimes no ‘OK’ response is received (despite no change in any command syntax at all; literally just firmware reboots), and sometimes ‘OK’ is received but no ‘+QHTTPPOST’ response comes back (of course this could be a server issue / time out etc)

I guess what I’d be looking for is some clarification of when exactly the modem communicates with the server; and I had assumed the ‘OK’ response after the Header / JSON would not require server communication; i.e. that it just is the chip looking for the /r/n/r/n at the end of the string to confirm the string is complete.

Thank you in advance

thanks for your issue

pls see the below comments

if you receive OK , it means that all data has been send out from UE side

if you receive URC , it means that , the module has received the response from server ,