BG95 I2C codec intialization?

Hi !

I have a prototype design using the BG95-M3 and a ALC5616 PCM codec. I have followed the power up sequence for the codec and connected the I2C and PCM lines between the codec and the BG95 according to the audio design note.

I have hooked up probes to the codec SCL and SDA lines from pin 41 and 40, but there is no activity on the scope.

I tried to force activity by running the AT+QDAI for explicitly selecting a codec and thereafter AT+CLVL for setting the volume. Still, there is no activity on the lines (Both SDA and SCL have pull-ups to 1.8V)

I have been looking through the “BG95&BG77 AT Commands Manual”, and the “BG95 Hardware Design” + “BG95 Reference Design” documents.Are there any other documentation regarding this, that I may have missed ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hans Jørgen

Bg96 codec used for volte only , it does not support audio playback ,sw does not support it

i test your procedure locally ,


[2021-01-20_14:39:55:964]+QDAI: 1



[2021-01-20_14:41:08:878]+QIIC: 0x0021



Hi !

On page 12 in the BG95 Hardware Design Document, it says that:

“BG95 series modules support VoLTE (Voice over LTE) under LTE Cat M1 and CS voice under

Just to clarify : Are you saying that 2G voice calls arent supported by the BG95 (I am using the M3) ?