BG95 GPS Altitude field is wrong


I am getting wrong values for altitude field from BG95 GNSS module:


+QGPSLOC: 082544.000,43.66448,-1.43729,0.7,-9.-7,3,0.00,0.0,0.0,120421,10


I am located close to sea level and GNSS module is giving negative altitude but output format is wrong (this is technically possible at sea level) : -9.-7 meter which can not be used properly by my software.

May I ask you to escalate this issue and provide me minimum firmware version that solve this problem.

Thank you

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My friend , it is bug , the right value should be -9.7

we fixed this issue with the newest fw version

pls kindly download the newest version from the below link:

Hi there,

I have a similar problem with bg77 gps location I am getting the wrong sign for the longitude but the longitude is the correct unsigned value. Is this a bug as well?