BG95 GNSS UART Use case

Can anyone explain me what is the use of GNSS uart in BG95 momdule? I have connected Main UART of BG95 and i can get GPS location as well on same UART. Is there any specific reason for GNSS UART?

The GNSS UART is used for NEMA output

Main UART only supports AT-commands and limited NMEA sentences for constellation other than GPS. There are always delays between interrogations and responses to and from the main UART.

GNSS UART, once enabled, will stream all the raw NMEA sentences continuously. By analyzing the sentences you can have better understanding of how the GNSS is running.

Hi, I am using GNSS func. on BG600L-M3. That works : I can turn on and configure the GNSS receiver through MAIN-UART and get nmea sentences from GNSS-UART.
I’d like to know if I can send command through the GNSS-UART instead of MAIN-UART which is reserved for network uses.
If not, what we need the UART GNSS TX line for ?



For standard solution (via AT cmd) ,the GNSS-Uart can be used to recevice NEMA only

for open solution ( via API) , the GNSS-UArt port can be released to used as a normally UART.