BG95 GNSS fails to obtain fix

I am working with BG95 modules with firmware BG95M2LAR02A04. My application obtains a GNSS timestamp and fix approximately every 30 minutes using AT+QGPSLOC=5,2. The module will eventually refuse to obtain a fix, simply sending +QGPSLOC: , , , , , , , , , , . Each time this happens I can obtain a new fix only by power cycling the modem, which is unacceptable for my application.

When this takes place, AT+QGPSGNMEA="GSV" shows 16 satellites in view. The SNR for most of these satellites is 0.

Sending AT+QGPSXTRADATA? at 22-9-20 02:22 UTC returns +QGPSXTRADATA: 4320,"2022/09/20,01:00:00" which implies that XTRA data is valid and usable.

Occasionally, enabling GPS with AT+QGPS=1,1 (for low accuracy) will crash the modem. Is there new firmware for BG95 M2 modules that might solve this?

Hi Which FW are you using now?

ATI responds BG95-M2 BG95M2LAR02A04

try AT+QGMR for the FW version

Thanks, firmware version is BG95M2LAR02A04_01.010.01.010

Is it possible to get deltas for BG95M2LAR02A04_01.012.01.012 (or newer if available)?

Thank you


Yes, can you send a application to my email( then i can apply one for you.
include company and quantity.

@ultrarunner what is the root cause of issue?