BG95 GNSS Error message format

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a BG95-M3 module, my doubt was about the AT+CMEE command, as far as I know, the command AT+CMEE is used to control the format of error result codes.

This command works well as is mentioned above for general commands, but in GNSS commands, the AT+CMEE does not change the error message format.

[2021-08-02 17:26:57:147_S:] AT+CMEE?

[2021-08-02 17:26:57:212_R:] +CMEE: 1

[2021-08-02 17:26:57:212_R:] OK
[2021-08-02 17:27:00:535_S:] AT+QGPS=1

[2021-08-02 17:27:00:600_R:] +CME ERROR: 504
[2021-08-02 17:27:16:610_S:] AT+CMEE=0

[2021-08-02 17:27:16:674_R:] OK
[2021-08-02 17:27:29:733_S:] AT+CMEE?

[2021-08-02 17:27:29:793_R:] +CMEE: 0

[2021-08-02 17:27:29:793_R:] OK
[2021-08-02 17:27:40:035_S:] AT+QGPS=1

[2021-08-02 17:27:40:102_R:] +CME ERROR: 504
[2021-08-02 17:27:46:336_S:] AT+CMEE=2

[2021-08-02 17:27:46:393_R:] OK
[2021-08-02 17:27:51:650_S:] AT+CMEE?

[2021-08-02 17:27:51:710_R:] +CMEE: 2

[2021-08-02 17:27:51:710_R:] OK
[2021-08-02 17:27:57:575_S:] AT+QGPS=1

[2021-08-02 17:27:57:644_R:] +CME ERROR: 504

From my log given above, the error message of GPS enable is always the same as the

error result code with the numeric value

Thus this AT+CMEE command works on GNSS commands or any other command that I need to use to configure it?

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


it means that your GPS function has been enabled.

for the string feedback issue , i wlll feedback to R&D