BG95 Firmware and QEFS explorer


I’m looking for the latest BG95 firmware (currently I’m using BG95M5LAR02A03_01.001.01.001) and a way to use QEFS explorer (although someone mentioned already QEFS doesn’t work with BG95 modules and I have to use QPST?).

Could anyone point me in the right direction? All help is much appreciated.


Do you want to flash firmware with QEFS or do something else?


I would like to do two things:

  • update the firmware (I think I can use QFlash for this)
  • after updating the firmware, I want to use QEFS (or similar) to explore files on the modem and put some files on it.

Thanks in advance!

Hi ,
For updating the firmware, we suggest to use QFLASH,
For putting files to modem side please use QPST tool .


Where can I find these tools?
The website is not very clear in this regard, and many links that I find on the forum have expired already unfortunately.


Please download as below url and this would be expired 24H later :slight_smile:

B R,
Linkin WANG

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Thank you Linkin WANG.

Do you also have a link to the latest compatible firmware?
We’re using the BG95M5LAR02A03 type.

Yes, sure,
Please check you emial, already sent :slight_smile:

Linkin WANG

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