BG95 Firmware and QEFS explorer


I’m looking for the latest BG95 firmware (currently I’m using BG95M5LAR02A03_01.001.01.001) and a way to use QEFS explorer (although someone mentioned already QEFS doesn’t work with BG95 modules and I have to use QPST?).

Could anyone point me in the right direction? All help is much appreciated.


Do you want to flash firmware with QEFS or do something else?


I would like to do two things:

  • update the firmware (I think I can use QFlash for this)
  • after updating the firmware, I want to use QEFS (or similar) to explore files on the modem and put some files on it.

Thanks in advance!

Hi ,
For updating the firmware, we suggest to use QFLASH,
For putting files to modem side please use QPST tool .


Where can I find these tools?
The website is not very clear in this regard, and many links that I find on the forum have expired already unfortunately.


Please download as below url and this would be expired 24H later :slight_smile:

B R,
Linkin WANG

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Thank you Linkin WANG.

Do you also have a link to the latest compatible firmware?
We’re using the BG95M5LAR02A03 type.

Yes, sure,
Please check you emial, already sent :slight_smile:

Linkin WANG

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I need the latest firmware for BG95-M3 modules - I want to see if the new firmware fixes our unstable connectivity issues.
We have problems on the AT&T network where the modules do not want to connect to the correct network.
The same firmware and board works with the BG96 but the BG95 has problems connecting, it sometimes takes more than 2 hours to connect correctly.
We will need a way to update the firmware with DFOTA as well, we have more than 1000 of the modules in the field -

Hi @pieter.potgieter

Could you please collect some modem log for us? we need to check why not register to ATT, probably not module fw issue, or you can send my email(