BG95 EVB 2.2 Restarts when AT+QGPS=1

The dev kit: BG95 EVB 2.2 Restarts when AT+QGPS=1 is sent. As follows:

26/03/2020, 12:27:16 pm-> « AT+QGPS=1


26/03/2020, 12:27:29 pm->

26/03/2020, 12:27:31 pm->

Any ideas why this happens?
I have not seen the same thing happen on our production board.

Hi james;

normally , The evb should not reboot , when you send AT+QGPS=1 .

which fw version be used currently ?pls upgrade your fw to the newest one ,

after you upgrade , if it does not work still , pls contact with your sales and change HW. thanks in advance