BG95 Doing a PUT method using HTTP commands


First time posting in here I believe.

I’m trying to develop a python code to simulate the behavior of the board for a client (I don’t have the device in my hands, unfortunately).

The Simulator is working wonders so far, we occasionally meet up online and test the code both with the simulator and the microcontroller.

Now It’s time for me to develop a PUT method using HTTP commands, but the (wonderful I might add) manual for this device specifies only POST and GET methods.

My question is, if I enable requestheader as true (AT+QHTTPCFG=“requestheader”,1). can I send an HTTP request using PUT instead of POST? will it work?

Thank you in advance.

until now , BG95 has supported http-put,already , but it need the newest fw version

as you said ,you are using a simulator ,instead of a physical module , so i can not confirm the problem you faced.

Maybe , you can reach to , and decribe the detail of your development envirorment .and give us enough info .