BG95 doesn't connect with the LTE network


I am testing BG95-M3 module with the UMTS & LTE evaluation board.

I live in India and I am using Jio SIM card, it is properly operates in LTE network in my mobile phone.

When it comes to the BG95 modem, I’ve tried several times to connect the SIM with the LTE network, the AT+CREG? always ends up with status “registration denied”, even if the modem has been configured with the “nwscanmode”=3, “iotopmode”=1, “nwscanseq”=030201 modes.

I get the following available network operator for the Jio SIM
+COPS: (1,“Jio 4G”,“Jio 4G”,“405869”,9)
As you can see the modem can detect the NB-IoT network, but doesn’t register with that network.

If I try the Manual Operator selection to register the SIM with the network,
AT+COPS=1,0,“Jio 4G”,9
it gives “OK”,

After that I tried AT+CREG?, it gives the same “registration denied” message.

Why the modem isn’t connect to the network?

Thank you for your help.

could you help to confirm that , If Jio has NB network ?

you know , if you using roaming card register NB network , the time of registered need 34 minutes

It is a common problem that Nb roaming card is slow to register network for the first time.

you know The normal priority of register is list as below :

RPLMN > HPLMN/EHPLMN > UPLMN > OPLMN > High quality signal PLMN(in random order) > other PLMN(decreasing order)

if you get deny info , pls check your SIM provision

for more analysis ,we need collect modem ,pls reach to

Yes, it has NB network.

And I give the mentioned time to register, but it’s gives the same “registration denied” message.

[2021-02-03 14:16:33:059_R:] at+cops=?
[2021-02-03 14:16:42:274_R:] +cops: (1,“Jio 4G”,“Jio 4G”,“405869”,9),(0,1,2,3,4),(0,1,2)

[2021-02-03 14:16:42:274_R:] OK

[2021-02-03 13:28:35:764_S:] at+cops=4,2,405869,9
[2021-02-03 13:28:35:885_R:] at+cops=4,2,405869,9
[2021-02-03 13:56:08:149_R:] OK