BG95 doesn’t connect with the AT&T network

I have a BG95-M3 module that I’m trying to register to the AT&T network the sim card is also from AT&T and I’m currently in USA. When I enter the following command AT+COPS=? it takes long time and no available networks are shown even if I wait 30min. The AT&T sim is my personal sim that I use for my smartphone. I will appreciate any help.


I’m not in the US myself, but many networks have SIMs restricted to certain access technologies- it’s likely your phones SIM will not work on nb/catm

You can get really IoT specific Sims from AT&T or go through a multi network operator like iotcreators.

If you believe it should work; I suggest providing some additional diagnostic information (CSQ/CEREG) so we can troubleshoot.