BG95 DFOTA Support

Need technical support for DFOTA, as mentioned below:

  • Currently Firmware development testing with 10 Devices,
    From that one device info:
    Model: BG95-M3
    IMEI: 867730051223646
    Version: BG95M3LAR02A03_01.006.01.006
  1. Am I able to generate Delta Firmware-File myself, If yes, then provide related documents/files for latest DFOTA of above mentioned module?
  2. Provide latest applicable DFOTA Firmware-File for mentioned firmware version.
  3. Once updated to latest firmware with DFOTA, for re-testing, Provide Dummy DFOTA Firmware-File, by which, can regenerate DFOTA scenario.
  1. For generate BG95 DFOTA package, it need to submit request to quectel R&D. cutsomers can not do it by yourselves .

  2. To test DFOTA package , pls kindly download from the below link

  3. for shuttle fw version , pls kindly download from the below link