BG95/BG96 DFOTA 701 Error

Any hint on how to debug a DFOTA 701 error?


My link is of the form (not real)

I can download the file without credentials with using wget in linux environment. Could it be something google is doing behind the scenes to redirect the url to something too long? That does appear to be a possibility.

Second part of my question would be: if I put this onto a github instance and try to download ‘raw’, with something like:

Would the link fail because it contains something like ‘?’ It was made public access and wget can also download it.

It does fault, i’m just trying to figure out why. It doesn’t appear to be necassarily linked to the above link since, the a direct link minus the ‘?’ is

and that still fails (with ‘ERROR’).

My main issue is finding a host location, that is secure, that doesn’t exceed 255 characters for http(s) url file upgrade. Anything that is a secure location contains credentials and access strings to blob’s that exceed 255 characters.

generally , the DFOTA precedure can be split to 3 parts.

  1. Down load the DFOTA
  2. upgrade
  3. reset .

Error 701 means the “ http unkown error" , so ihe process failed in 1 stages


  1. split your procedure to 2 test dwonloading function . downlord DFOTA file from local and checking the https issue first .