BG95/BG66L USB only for debugging and updates?

In our embedded application powered by a Linux system, we would like to communicate with the AT- and NMEA-interfaces of the module using only USB (not over UART). However, in both the BG95 and BG600L datasheets, there is a sentence “The USB interface is recommended to be reserved for firmware upgrade or debugging in application designs.” What is the reason for this?

Does this means we should not use USB for this, and should use the UART interfaces instead? This is prohibitive due to the large number of pins and UART peripherals required.

Other forum threads here indicate USB for AT and NMEA should work, so what is the reason for the above sentence in the datasheets?

Because BG95 and BG600L is LPWA module , if you connect USB , the performance of power consumption will not as good as expected .

So if we are okay with the power consumption of the USB interface, there is no reason not to use it for both AT and NMEA, correct?

yes , when we test in office , we use usb always