BG95 AT+CREG? command returns +CREG: 0,2

Hi Quectel

We are trying to upgrade our firmware to use BG95 modem instead of M95.
When waiting for the modem to register on the network nothing happens.

the command AT+CREG? is sent continuesly every 5 second, and every time it replies +CREG: 0,2
“Not registered, but MT is currently trying to attach the network or searching an operator to register to”

I expected it to do the registration automatic like the M95 did. But am I missing something extra that needs to be setup? does the automatic registering needs to be enabled somehow? (it was default automatic in M95)


M95 is a 2G-only module but BG95 is a 2G+4G module and of course you must refer to the datasheets and application notes to configure BG95 in a different way.

Hi Hobby

Yes I see that. But as read it BG95 should by default scan for Automatic (eMTC  NB-IoT  GSM)
without any specific setup

when I call AT+CEREG? I get +CEREG: 0,4 (Unknown command)
I cant see this explained further anywhere, can you explain what this means? Does this value come from the operator networrk?

Hi Alkrojen
+CEREG: 0,4 (Unknown command)
Generally, the module has not searched the corresponding network, or OOS is offline.