BG95 Arrived - Questions

Dear Team,

our BG95-M3 EVK arrived but it’s hard to get it working without proper documentation.
AT+QSCLK=1 for example does not work, AT+COPS=? runs infinitely and freezes the module while AT+COPS=1,2,“XY” for manually selecting an operator works.

Please help

Hi derchris
If entering into sleep mode is enabled and DTR is pulled down, there is a need to pull up the DTR pin first to make the module enter sleep mode.
AT+COPS? Query the currently selected network operator .

No, the problem is AT+COPS=? to scan for operators runs infinitely, leaving the module unresponsive. We have to issue a hardware reset to make UART work again

2s pwrkey pin need to be pulled down when starting up.
Otherwise, the module cannot be started and there will be problems in executing AT instructions

I know. But again, manually selecting an operator via AT+COPS=1,2,“12224” works - only AT+COPS=? freezes the module. By the way, it’s the same for SIM7070 so my guess is that this has something to do with MDM9205

The AT + COPS =?Is the query operator support network, this is required to wait a long time.

Maximum Response Time 630 s

Uh wow, okay, thanks, I’ll try that!
Will it always be that long or is it just for the first run after a power up?

Do not insert SIM card

“Do not insert SIM card”? But then I won’t be able to attach to network?!

The AT + COPS =?This instruction is for query support network.

AT+COPS=1,2, “12224” is to fix the network under the PLMN of 12224