[BG95] About how to Store Network Information to Speed Network Registration

I am using BG95.
I want to reduce the time BG95 takes to connect to the network.

The following is written in “4.2. LTE EARFCN Scan (Frequency Scan)” of Quectel_BG95&BG77_Network_Searching_Scheme_Introduction_V1.0.pdf.

LTE EARFCN scan includes RAT scan and band scan steps. When the module shuts down, it will store the current network registration information (e.g. EARFCN, PCI and so on). When the module powers on next time for network registration, UE will try to acquire the stored network information. This process is called system scan. This procedure will speed up network registration process. If the network information acquisition failed in RAT scan, UE will attempt to scan all supported bands. This process is called band scan.

It says that storing the current network registration information will speed up the next connection.
However, in order to store the information, BG95 must be shut down.

I have confirmed that “AT+CFUN=0, AT+CFUN=1” can store the information, but “AT+CFUN=0, AT+CFUN=1” will disconnect the network.

Is there any way to have the information stored without shutting down and disconnecting the network?

Thanks for the help.

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Is there any command other than BG95 shutdown and AT+CFUN=0/AT+CFUN=1 to store network registration information?