BG770A-GL minimum VBAT_RF voltage

The documentation for BG770A-GL states the following for VBAT_RF voltage:

When the module starts up normally, to ensure full function mode, the minimum power supply voltage should be higher than 3.1 V.

In our current BC660K-GL design we use 3V rail and some of the components cannot work with voltage higher than this. What exactly can/will happen if we use 3V only? Will the performance decrease?

When doing some simple tests using TE-A (disconnecting from EVAL board and feeding voltage directly to the pin header on the small board) I was able to go down to 2.2V and the module was still able to connect to the network.

Are you able to specify exactly which component (part number) has 3.1V requirement so we check its documentation or manufacturer support?

As an alternative we might use BG950A-GL, but the module is bigger and we’d have to completely regesign the board and enclosure. Transition to BG770A-GL would be much easier for us.

Thank you.

Hi @rastik
The RF Rated voltage should be > 3.1V, it probably can be work at 3.0 or 2.2V but we can not promise it can be work stably under 3.1V. this is mandatory from RF.

@Linkin-Q But is it possible to specify the component part number that requires it? Probably a PA or something like that. This way we could assess the impact of using 3V only.
Thank you.

Hi @rastik

Yes, PA limited.

And is it possible to know the exact part number? So we can consult its datasheet. Thank you.

Hi @rastik
So sorry, We cannot send you datasheet and model number :frowning: