BG770 unable to fix GNSS

Hi, I’m having issues with the module BG770. I’m trying to get GNSS working, but it is unable to get a fix. I’m using the BG770A-GL TE-A with UMTS&LTE EVB.
The procedure is to start the module, which is doing automatically and then I set the auto gps, so gnss starts right away aswell. I’ve set the priority for the gnss, so there shouldn’t be a problem.
I’ve also used the BG95 module with the same setup, but it was fixing right.
Is there anything that could help me?

Hi @gizmo

How long have you wait? could you please help collect UART_AUX port log for us? here are steps for collecting log:

  1. AT+QCFGEXT=“debug”,1 //reboot to take effect
  2. Open QserialLog tool
  3. Select UART_AUX port and baudrate is 921600
  4. Open port and start collect log
  5. reproduce this issue

QserialLog tool download here: