Bg77 - status led

Hi everyone,

I may have a stupid question, but I am very confused.

I am trying to check the module status (ON-OFF / STATUS pin) on my MCU using digital pin (digital read). STATUS pin should output 1,8V when ON, so it means I need a level shifter (MCU uses 3,3V). Could you please check my design, if I am not mistaken? Will the chosen IC work? I need to have 0V when the Quectel is OFF and 3,3V when ON.

I have also seens ICs with name of TXS0108, but I do not know if it changes something.

Thank you!

Diagram is OK but one more thing is about IC.
For using TXS0108, it would be cause a current leak under PSM and sleep mode so this will be caused a higher consumption. we suggested to use IC TXB0108.

Linkin WANG

Hi @Linkin-Q,

thank you for your answer. Okay, I will use TXB series. Anyway, in your Reference Design as well as Hardware design you mention TXS0108, why is that?


Thank you.


I make a stuip mistake that the diagram is for BG77 insted of BG770A-GL, sorry for this.
Yes, for BG77 series module, Both TXS0108 and TXB0108 are OK.

Linkin WANG