BG77 - SMS only received at boot


I am facing an issue about SMS with BG77 module.

When I send a SMS through LTEM network to my module, nothing is received in real time.
However, when I reboot my module, all the SMS are received at boot.

I believe all the URC indicators are configured well, because at boot I see both RingIndicator signal changing and a dedicated URC message :
00> bg77: =========> RI handler
00> +CMTI: “ME”,8

Is there something (an AT command ?) I need to use to receive my SMS in real time ?

Thanks per advance for your help,

Pls send AT+CEDRXRDP to Query the status of your module , if EDRX feature has been enabled , The sms will be pended in core network for one perioid of PTW .

any more ifno , pls reach to :

Checking the module status gives me “+CEDRXRDP: 0” + I tried to wait several minutes for receiving the SMS, but nothing happened.
Consequently this is not eDRX related I suppose.