BG77 shutdown issues / current draw

My current project is meant to power on a bg77, send a cellular message, then shut down the bg77.
Before I turn on the bg77 (built into a RakWireless 5860), the entire device draws 1.8 milliamps. After turning on the bg77, then turning it off again, the current consumption sits at around 7 milliamps. That means after the bg77 turns off, it’s still drawing 5.2 mA. To verify this was the source of the draw, I physically removed the RakWireless 5860 from my device, and the current draw dropped back down to 1.8 mA.
The function I’m using to shut down the bg77 is as follows:
bg77_at(“AT+QCFG=“fast/poweroff”,63,1”, 2000);

I need to know why it is drawing this extra current, and if I’m shutting the module down incorrectly.

Sorry , I have to say RAKwirless5860(BG77) is not quectel product , Here is quectel forum , pls reach to RAKwirless , thanks