BG77 PoLTE(Positioning over LTE)

I’d like to find out more about PoLTE on the BG77 module, but I can’t find the Document
Quectel_BG77xA-GL&BG95xA-GL_Positioning_Over_LTE_Application_Note” mentioned in the AT_Commands_Manual in the Download zone.
Where can I find this document and is there any additional information available regarding PoLTE?



Since now BG77series and BG77xA-GL series module are not support PoLTE anymore. the document will be
update soon. And we suggest to use Queclocator.

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Thanks for the suggestion!
I didn’t notice that PoLTE have suspended their service.

I have had a look at the Queclocator Application Note.
And if have not overlooked anything it returns the latitude and the longitude but no information about the accuracy, which unfortunately limits the use cases a bit.

As an alternative I have found
Can Quectel suggest any other alternative? Ideally it would also work with NB-IoT modules from Quectel(i.e. BC660K) as I have a few of those.