BG77 FW version


We are using a BG77 but we have many issues :

  • GNSS stuck in a position (always sending the same position)
  • Random DNSS issue
  • Difficulty to go in PSM / eDRX mode.

The FW version is : BG77LAR02A04_01.002.01.002

Could you confirm if w are using the last one or not. If not, could you provide the last version of the firmware for BG77?

Thank you

Best regards

no, I wil send the latest firmware to you via email.

Hello Isaac,

We are facing issues with the firmware image download, receiving a « 708 » error.

Regarding the DFOTA documentation, it appears to be a « Downloaded file is too large » issue.

How can the image size be too large ? I mean, as this a BG77 firmware image, I believe it’s designed to fit into the BG77 flash memory.

Is there a point I missed ?

Here is the AT command I used and the following responses.


Thanks for your help

Hello @quantum,

Have you managed to solve this issue?

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Hi Isaac,

I have some errors with the location on bg77 and I am looking for the latest firmware in binary format (.bin).

Where can it be found?

Kind regards,

ok, I will email to you.

Hi Isaac,

Is there a newer version from BG77LAR02A04_01.005.01.005. Since I have updated to this the NTP server doesn’t work reliably…

Please let me know if there is a known error regarding this update…

Kind regards,

Ok, I will send the latest firmware to you.

Hi Isaac, could you please share the firmware and the notes of the changes in all versions with me as well? Why isn’t this publicly available by the way?


The company stipulates that attachments are not disclosed on the forum.

Hello @quantum , I am facing the same downloaded file too large issue on BG77 (FW ver : BG77LAR02A04_01.001.01.001) . Did you manage to solve it ?


So the solution is that you need to send your current firmware version (of modem) and the target firmware version (to which you want to update) to and ask them for a differential packet. Then use that new packet for the update.

I have the same problem , can you send me the new firmware for bg77

Hi Isaac. I’m having the same isues. Could you provide me the last version of the firmware for the BG77?

Thank you

@Prometheus Gerard_Massana
Please use AT+QGMR to query the current version information, so that I can send you the corresponding new version.

Hi! The version is this: BG77LAR02A04_01.006.00.000

Thank you :slight_smile:

The new firmware has been sent to you, please note to check.

I have received the new version! Lots of thanks!

There’s an upgrade tool on the way for you.