BG77 firmware update & Cat.1 support


We’re using BG77 in our IOT design-in evaluation…

Q1: The current FW release is, we can find in this forum, but is there any latest FW for update ?

Q2: Except USB UART DM console, is there a OTA way can update so? What will be the data traffic size to be occurred for the FW update ? Can we put FW to our private server for BG77 download and execute OTA?

Q3: Both Cat.NB2 and Cat.M1 and currently works fine, however, one of our local service provider also has Cat.1 service which may different from Cat.M1, can BG77 also support and work with it?


Hi @hsu093

A1: please provide AT+QGMR version of your current module then we can send you correct latest FW.
A2: BG77 supported DFOTA and if the network can be access your private server, it should be ok to download delta to upgrade.
A3: BG77 do not support cat.1 network.


A1R: My current version is BG77LAR02A04_01.009.01.009
A2R: Ok, once got new FW PKG, will have a try.
A3R: Noted.


HI @hsu093

Please find attachment for the latest FW. Note: this firmware CAN NOT downgrade to 01.009 !!


We had successfully downloaded and upgraded the FW to BG77LAR02A04_01.201.01.201, will try FOTA and response the result.


Hello @Linkin-Q

After we upgraded FW version on module, we tried the FOTA with below process, but bad luck not yet successfully,

  1. We downloaded the FW image (via above link), the file size is 17,774KB.

  2. We tried to AT+QFOTADL=“, module response error code 708 (downloaded file is too large)

  3. Next, in file we removed all the files/folder except “update\firehose” folder, the file size reduced to 210KB and name it as

  4. We tried to AT+QFOTADL=“, module response 505 (Update package does not exist)

  5. Next, we search some discussion on forum, try to extract the “qdsp6sw_paging.bin” (file size: 4480KB)

  6. We tried to AT+QFOTADL=“, module response 505 (Update package does not exist)

Could you advise what is the correct mothod/steps to perform FOTA via IOT traffic on any of FW rev existing on module.


Hi @hsu093

You need do apply a delta from basic fw to target fw, then put delta to HTTP server to do FOTA upgrade. you can not do FOTA with FW directly.

@Linkin-Q Do you mean, we need provide FW rev on module first, and then you will provide the delta FW pkg for FOTA, and once the FOTA being executed successfully, the delta FW pkg is no longer usable, is this understanding correct ?

hi @hsu093

Yes, correct!