[BG77] DFOTA over HTTP always return a 506 error


I want to upgrade my device so i tried to launch this kind of command :

> *=> : AT+QFOTADL="http://*********.fr/test/BG77LAR02A04_01.005.01.005-BG77LAR02A04_01.008.01.008.bin"*




But it always ends with a 506 error.

If you have any idea how to solve my issue, don’t hesitate to share.

Thank you in advance,

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Please confirm the differential packet again, the preliminary judgment difference verification failure caused


Thank you very much for the reply. What do you mean by
“Please confirm the differential packet again” ? Do I need to send again an AT command ?

Moreover, with the HTTP method, I’m already able to upgrade my device from 003 to 005 but the issues occurs when I want to upgrade from 005 to 008 (error 506)

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I suggest you try again a few times, if you still fail, you need to retrieve the firmware

I have already tried several time, and with different devices. I’m always facing this issue.


Hello, i’m still having issues. By the way, i’m able to upgrade from 003 to 005 but when i want to upgrade from 005 to 008, the device is still returning a 506 error.

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