BG77 current consumption at power up

While testing our BG77 board, we noticed some current consumption at startup (before enabling the GNSS “QGPS=1”). I am attaching a picture of the current consumption at various stages of the BG77.

The first 90 seconds are when the BG77 is powered on (PWRKEY) but GPS is still off. Does the module load WWAN at startup even it is in GNSS priority at startup?


Dr. MQ

Hi @DrMQ
The default priority is GNSS first, so when GPS is off the module will load WWAN at startup.

Thank you Linkin for your reply,

My concern is the power consumption at this point. Why is it consuming this much power at startup?
My system reads the gps, switch to wwan, connects to server, sends data, then sleep.
I think I either need cfun = 0 or 4 after I power on the module, or don’t power on the module until I am ready to read the GPS.


Hi @DrMQ

After startup, module will start searching network firstly, and this will spent more power than NW registered, so you can startup module when ready read the GPS to save current.

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Thank you, Linkin-Q