BG77 Create LwM2M objects


I’ve successfully connected my BG77 module to an Lwm2m server (leshan sandbox).

Now I’m trying to figure out which at command enables object creation (Temperature and voltage) in order to send data to the server.
I’m following Quectel_BG95BG77BG600L_Series_LwM2M_Application_Note_V1.0, but here the only command that apparently sends data is AT+QLWSVC=“uldata”.

There is a more recent Aplication Note for this module? Maybe someone can point me how to add lwm2m commands to the module?

My FW version is BG77LAR02A04_01.008.01.008

Thanks in advance.

Hello Jota
Currently BG77 module is not support enable object by commands.

Linkin WANG

Hello @Linkin-Q thanks for your response.

Will support this in the near future? What are the alternatives with BG77?

Also I want to ask if BC660K supports or will support LwM2M and/or CoAP currently.


Hello Jota,

recently we have no plan for this feature on BG77.
BC660K support LWM2M/CoAP, and support add or delete object via commands.
you can reference this AN.
Quectel_BC660K-GL_LwM2M_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (1.1 MB)

Linkin WANG

Hello @Linkin-Q

As BG77 will not support LwM2M object creation, we’ve switched to CoAP and I have a little question.
It’s possible to create an observe request? Can you point me to correct AT command? Currently I’m following CoAP AN for BG77 but there is no example here.

Thanks in advance