BG77 Coverage enhancement issues

1)Is there any AT commands to enable different Coverage enhancement levels on BG77 module or is it done automatically by network operator?.
2)Is there a way that the number of retransmissions that reaches 128 repetitions for the uplink communications and 2048 for the downlink can be set by user or is it provided by network operator when there is weak signal quality?.
Thanks in advance.

  1. you know , Bg77 is class 5 device , ( 21dbm) , if necesary , we can add 1 or 2 db , with special AT , you can send email to support@ , we will share to you , since it is not normal operation .

  2. About 128 reprtition for UL / 2048 DL , Which doc do you see , could you share to me ? I can double check it with R&D.

I just saw in some Telekom website regarding the repetitions of 128 for Ul and 2048 for DL.
I just wanted to know if the repetitions are controlled by users or it is initiated by the network operator if it detects weak signal strength.

from user side ,for TCP protocol ,

we have the beloe command to control the max time of retransmission , the range is 3-20


ECL parameters are set by the operator - levels when to switch between them, repetitions etc.

Thankyou for the information.