BG77 BG95 difference, GNSS BG 77 UART

Hi everyone,

I have two simple questions about modules BG95-M2 and BG77. They seem almost the same, could anyone tell me if there is some major difference except the size and pin layout?

I also have one question regarding GNSS and MAIN UART on BG77 module. Is it possible to output everything from GNSS UART to MAIN UART (so GNSS and also AT commands use only MAIN UART)? On my MCU I have only one UART and it would be great if only one UART could be used on BG77.


There is no much difference except size and pin layout.
For GNSS NMEA output, cannot output everything from GNSS UART to MAIN UART, but you can get Positioning informations in MAIN UART via command AT+QGPSLOC? .