BG77 / BG95 AT+CBC (Battery Charge)

Dear forum members!

I want to use the battery charge command to get information of the status of my battery.
But I was not able to find informations on what to do to get the “right” data out of it.
When powering the demokit (UMTS&LTE EVB V2.2) i get the following answer:

+CBC: 0,39,3596

Which means “not charging”, 39% charge level, 3596mV battery voltage.

My first question would be how to signalize the information (charging/not charging/charging finished) to the module (I’m using the BG77). Are there pins that I need to connect from my charging IC to the BG77?

Based on which cell chemistry is the BG77 calculating the SoC?

Thanks in advance!


actually , it is a voltage detect feature , we can read VBAT voltage ,and caculate the percent.

it is not related with charging IC , we focus on the output of battery only , thanks

Thanks Stephen,
that would mean, that

bcs Integer type. Battery charge status
0 ME is not charging
1 ME is charging
2 Charging has been finished

is not supported.



I think these are 3 thresholds of voltage