BG77 AT+CGSN has Memory Failure

I’m evaluating the new BG77 (firmware BG77LAR02A02) and have run into an issue. I am unable to get my IMEI number. Both CGSN and GSN fail with a “Memory Failure”. The AT+CIMI and AT+QCCID commands both respond with correct responses and it happily registers on the network.

+CME ERROR: memory failure
+CME ERROR: memory failure

Anyone have any thoughts?
Thank you.

Dear lucashozen ,

I re tested it in my side ,

This cmd work fine , I attached the AT log as below , Maybe , Due to your BG77 module is ES sample , Maybe the fab has not burned IMEI .
If This IMEI really important to you , Pls send email to , we will sent the IMEI burning tools to you , thanks








[2020-03-10_14:25:18:996]+QCCID: 89860317492038663595