BG600L-M3 design-in issues

  1. Kindly reveal an internal (equivalent) circuit of PWRKEY pin. Based on description in Hardware Design, I suppose there’re built-in diode (the reason of voltage drop from 1.8V to 1.5V) and pull-up of about 100-120KOhm (based on measurement of a current and ability to drive the input by button or open collector). Probably, it’ll be necessary to contact to Qualcomm.

  2. Please clarify max drive current of GPIO and GNSS_LNA_EN pins. This important spec is not mentioned in Hardware Design.

  3. Based on qapi_tlmm.h from SDK, pins configured as GPIO may choose a drive strength from the range of 2-16mA. Is it possible to choose drive strength for pins configured as SPI which may have 50MHz clock?

  4. If USB isn’t used, can USBPHY_3P3 and USB_VBUS be left floating or should be grounded?

  5. Is firmware upgrade over UART not possible? If not and no USB, then FOTA only?

  6. Please get a look onto Figure 2 (Pin Assignment) for basic and QuecOpen Hardware Design datasheets. Let’s review a couple of explicit differences: pins 22/23 in basic usage are assigned as GNSS_TXD/RXD, the same pins in QuecOpen usage – as GPIO5/6; pins 29/30 in basic usage - as DBG_TXD/RXD, the same pins in QuecOpen usage – as GPIO7/8.
    Now get a look onto the first note below the Table 5 (Multiplexing Pins): the pin functions 1/2/3/4 take effect only after software configuration. At the same time Table 5 declares all pins have a pull-down by default so it’s logical to assume that all pins are configured as GPIO inputs which is Function 1 but this goes in contrary to the note we just reviewed.
    Being have BG600L-M3 uses the only firmware, there’s a question: how does the module understand the way it used (basic or QuecOpen) and make a decision on configuring pins 22/23 as GNSS UART and pins 29/30 as DEBUG UART in basic usage but configuring pins 22/23/29/30 as GPIO in QuecOpen usage? I have the only hypothesis: if firmware sees a valid user application (mentioned in oem_app_path.ini) upon startup, then pins are configured as per QuecOpen Hardware Design, alternatively as per basic Hardware Design.

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  1. for the hw reference design , pls refer to the below docs;

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    for GPIO the max current is 16MA

  2. for SPI interface , it is not power PIn , we can not drive power device with it, It is used to transmit data, not to drive power devices

5 normally , if you devie has left from the factory , DFOTA is the best choice , not FOTA

  1. for PIN23/22 , there is different function defined in quecopen solution , for the detail
    pls refer the below BG95 quecopen HW design doc .it is Same .


for quecopen slution , the os will indentify the multi-fuction PIn by the inital code part , if you inital it as URAT , it will be use as UART .