BG600L-M3 Debug network

Hello !

I have a BG600L-M3 on a UTMS&LTE EVB Kit and I would like to have more log, like debug one, for sim and network searching sequence in order to check and tune the speed sequence.
I have red the document Quectel_BG95BG77BG600L_Series_Network_Searching_Scheme_Introduction_V2.0 and at the end there are some screenshots about log. I would like to have the same logs, and I don’t know how to do.

I found some application like QWinLog, UE Monitor, but I don’t know if they are the right tools or not. And if I need the .xml / .fwpkg file

Revision: BG600LM3LAR02A04


I would like also for BG600LM3LAR02A04_01.004.01.004, if there is a difference. (ours all product ends have this firmware, I didn’t have upgraded the eval board yet).

Could you help me :slight_smile:


Hi @Yanonix
It’s hard to parse modem log in your side by yourself due to license limited from Qualcomm.

Ok, thank you a lot.