BG600L AT+COPS not working

Hi, I’m attempting to force operator selection using a BG600L module, but I keep encountering a USIM failure error. I’ve tried sending both of the following commands:

  1. AT+COPS=1,1,“WINDTRE”
  2. AT+COPS=4,1,“WINDTRE”

However, for both commands, I received error 13 (USIM failure). I also attempted to set CFUN to both 1 and 0, but there was no discernible difference. Even when I called AT+COPS=2 beforehand, it didn’t yield any positive results.

I’m sure the network is available because if I don’t intervene, the modem connects to it automatically. Therefore, I’m completely stumped. Do you have any insights into what might be causing this issue?

Have you tried AT+COPS=1,2,"22288"? It’s the same operator, but different format.