BG600 Xtra Download


short question about the xtra download process.
Is this only working in wwan mode or also in gps priority mode? And are there any restriction about starting the gps (like if xtra download is already done but I still have to force any mode?) Thx. The datasheet is not really helpful about WWAN/GPS Mode in combination with the xtra process.

  1. Xtradata can be as outline a AGPS .
  2. Xtra, the full name of extended receiver assistance, is a unique auxiliary technology of Qualcomm. It can improve the performance of GNSS and provide simplified GNSS assistance, including the assistance of ephemeris, calendar, ionosphere, UTC, health and rough time of GNSS engine. It downloads the auxiliary data of the next day or several days in advance to speed up the search speed and shorten the positioning time.
  3. Note: using Xtra requires a certain amount of data traffic. GNSS device terminal internetxtra file server NTP server GNSS satellite
  4. Xtradata can be used under wwan mode & gps priority both .