BG600 - problems & experiences


Working with the BG600 is just frustrating - It just doesn’t seem as stable and mature as other products (e.g. the MC60 runs very stable and reliable).

  • The USART communication is not stable if the command input is too fast (of course I wait until I received the response for the current command)
  • The CREG Network status stucks sometimes in the searching state (for ever?) and can only be fixed by reset the modul (e.g. with the powerkey). After the reset the network connection is up after some seconds.
  • The module gives not any notification about a new sms (yes the configuration is correct) and also polling with AT+CMGL=“ALL” only returns OK but no message. Now the really strange part: If I enable the sleepmode for just some seconds (using AT+QSCLK and DTR Pin) and than wake it up again, all sent sms are available instantly with the command AT+CMGL :slight_smile:

What the…? Does anyone else have that strange problems with the BG600 or even better has a solution for all that stuff? The Firmware should be up to date (BG600LM3LAR02A04).

I have quite the frustrating problems with PPP. Most of the times it fails during initial initialization but sometimes it succeeds. Is there any newer firmware than that and where I can download it?