Bg-96 unable to activate hw flow control

HI im trying to activate the hardware flow control on BG-96, i have send via usb the command AT+IFC=2,2 it responds OK, the if i send AT+IFC? the answer is +IFC=0,0 :frowning:

[2022-05-22 20:38:07:197_R:] OK

[2022-05-22 20:38:11:542_S:] AT+IFC?

[2022-05-22 20:38:11:604_R:] +IFC: 0,0

[2022-05-22 20:38:11:604_R:] OK

[2022-05-22 20:38:16:887_S:] AT+IFC=2,2

[2022-05-22 20:38:16:966_R:] OK

[2022-05-22 20:38:20:748_S:] AT+IFC?

[2022-05-22 20:38:20:810_R:] +IFC: 0,0

[2022-05-22 20:38:20:810_R:] OK

ALSO, i have try saving with AT&W and the same happens

pleas a i need help!

thanks a lot.

For BG96 ,Hardware flow control only can be set via UART port.