Best practice: Power down BG95 with eMTC, GSM and PSM


we are using the BG95 configured for eMTC with GSM fallback and PSM. The assumption is that when the GSM fallback is used (e.g. because there is no coverage for LTE) the cellular module has to be manually put in low power state (Shutdown), because PSM is not available. Is this assumption correct? What would be the best practice here?

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If BG95 is using GSM network, you may not be able to implement PSM function because you cannot get T3324 and T3412 timer from network. But BG95 uses an eMTC network, ask your local carrier whether T3324 and T3412 timers are supported.
In the end, if PSM cannot be implemented. I recommend that you execute AT+CFUN=0 directly after the data interaction is complete.

Thanks for the clarification. We then would query the current ACT via AT+COPS? and based on the result either let the module enter PSM or if GSM is selected manually set the module in a low consumption state (we’d prefer shutdown via AT+QPOWD).